Slide I tell your stories with images Make drawing your second language

Graphic recording

Live visual note taking of your meetings or lectures. I do this in black and white. Color may follow with a hand drawn infographic.

Translation to Comicgraphy

Make complex documentation more accessible by turning them to visuals. I will translate your documents or presentation into understandable images.

Presentation graphic

Let me make your hand drawn presentation graphics, so that you can deliver your main point clear and fast.

About me

I am Jennifer Gomperts. Since my graduation as a Multimedia designer I have worked as a UI/UX designer for various companies in different countries.

As such I have always visualized the user stories and processes with storyboards or as comics.
I also made a lot of visual notes during briefings and meetings.

I realized early on that visualizing gave me more insight into projects. But the visuals also helped me to come up with creative solutions for the project and team.

Now I've decided to use these drawings to inspire organisations to become more creative.
I know that projects are task driven with their own processes and procedures.
All these can be visualized. Visualizing will stimulate the brain to think different and come up with different solutions.



Different shades

Find solutions

Drop it

Short event

Communicate with animated drawings

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