Jennifer Gomperts - Master Comicgrapher

Live note taking

I will make a translation on the fly of your discussion sitting with you at your desk or meeting table. I will get to the essence. You will want to go over the notes more often.


Make the complex simple by making a drawn animation. Make it understandable for everyone. I will be your interpreter for the story you want to tell.

User Story illustration

I will illustrate the features of your user stories including the acceptance criteria.

I started out as a graphic designer and illustrator. From the very first beginning the web fascinated me and I started making interfaces for web applications (1996).

I have always used Comicgraphy™, as I call it, to gain an understanding of the project, but also of the users and stake holders.

I created my own little process using visuals. Nowadays telling stories with visuals to gain understanding is very common. Less common is the integration of the designer through the whole process of software development.

Not only do I use Comicgraphy™ for software design, but also brainstorming story plots, taking notes, explaining, simplifying complexities and gaining understanding of almost anything and many more.

I like to challenge myself into taking this further.

You will always find me armed with pen and paper or my portable Wacom Cintiq Computer.

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