Basics, about the dots and lines


Using the dots and lines to create meaningful notes say more to me than writing words. Now as most of you know I write very little and draw a lot. I write with images.
Through the years I have developed a visual vocabulary of my own. I have done this unconsciously. But I soon found out that I have to stick to the meaning of some. Because sometimes the meaning changes in my head. Especially for those projects where I have to gather information to create meaningful designs.

Understanding the project is key. Writing everything out takes much more time and finding the stuff afterwards that I really need is a tedious task.
Just by making a dot a bit bigger can already put emphasis on the part on the page that I want to refer back to when needed. Or by surrounding the area on the page that is important with lines is also helpful.

But I don’t stop there. I like to make the notes “animated”. Like writing with images. I will show you how I do this on this site, by posting regularly about my comicgraphy as I call it.
I will teach you how you can take notes, brainstorm with yourself, learn a new language etc. while drawing fast.

Contrary to what many people think, comicgraphy helps me to stay focused, it helps me to get new insights and most important it helps me to retain information.

Yes, I have also been through the period where it wasn’t allowed to draw in class. Or even now in the corporate world during meetings colleagues reproach me about not paying attention.
I explain why I record everything graphically. Sometimes they understand and other times they don’t. Important is that I understand what needs to happen.

Now I wonder, are you taking notes by writing or do you use a recorder, or do you also write with by drawing (keep in mind that writing is also drawing).

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