For some time now, I’ve been posting images on my Facebook page with the title: Guess the image. The intention is to see what people think the image represents. I want to capture what people see.

It’s also to proof how different we are and also how an image can be interpreted by our common knowledge an acceptance of things.

Think about the pictograms at an airport or traffic signs. We have agreed upon their meaning.

Guess the image no. 6

This image is easy to interpret because it shows exactly what these are. But what if you aren’t Dutch and never been to Holland?

Have a look the images on my Facebook page and tell me what you think they mean or represent. Maybe also what they make you think of. Maybe even a feeling of happiness or sadness.

Guess the image no. 8

An image can represent a saying. Which is it in this case?

I will continue posting the images for a while.

Happy comicgraphing.

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