Mary Pumpkin

I’m working on a comic right now about a neighborhood on the island of Curaçao. The challenge is to finalize it by the end of July 2018.

Comics are a great way for me to distract myself and I hope also others.

This one I’m working on is completely in the Papiamentu language. I’ve chosen to do so because I think that there arear too few comic books in Papiamentu.

This particular comic will be available solely online. I might change my mind and print.

I will make translations on the fly in a couple of weeks. In Dutch and English. Even though I speak Spanish as well, that’s one translation I don’t dare to do myself.

Please visit the Facebook page and while you’re there give it like.
The website is

All still in Papiamentu, but other languages will follow. For your delight.

Happy comicgraphing.

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