My 5 steps in dealing with multi passions

I am one of those people who has followed every seminar, read the books, implemented some, but still I wasn’t satisfied or motivated enough.

Every one of those books, seminars and courses forced me to choose! I felt like I was all over the place.

I’ve decided to stop and take a long deep breath. I asked myself what do I really want? The answer of course was: I want it all. I don’t want to choose.

This is what I did (and am still finding the right way) to fit my desires. And maybe this will help you as well.

Step 1 – Collect the passions

First things first. I accepted the fact that I’m multi passionate and that I want to dedicate time to all the things I’m passionate about.

I made a (drawn of course) list of all the things I really am passionate about doing.

It’s easy to get to them. While focussing on one passion, I think about the other things I really want to do as well. Those go on my list.

Step 2 – Finding the common thread

Next, I looked at the common thread between the passions and interests. It took me some time to put it all in perspective. Intuition helps with this step. Trust it.

In the mean while I do what I want to do at the moment I want to do it. I don’t always want to design for instance. Sometimes I want to take up my airbrush art or code a web site.

The common thread of all I do is largely storytelling with a meaning or message.

Step 3 – Decide what will remain a hobby

Some of these passions remain as hobby, like airbrushing. Something I do digitally more and more by the way.

I can have the passion sucked out of me when I’m being paid for it. That’s because the one paying wants changes that damage the whole. When designing I am sometimes forced to do things that are damaging the process.

This made me belief wrongly that I disliked designing, but now I’m clear at what it really is I dislike.

Step 4 – Finding the core value

Everyone, including me as a multi passionate has a core value. That’s a calling, something you feel deep inside. We all have beliefs, things we are convinced of. We all have a reason why we do something.

When you can identify that, all else will evolve around the core.

I realized that all those passions and interest support my core values.

Step 5 – Bringing it all together

I belief that everyone is multi passionate.

As multi passioned persons we don’t have to choose. We just need to find our core value and all the passions and interest will revolve around it.

Focus on that one thing at the time. When you feel the other passion is pulling, try to keep your focus. Otherwise you will never finish something or worse, start. One passion at the time.

Please let me know how you are struggling with being multi passioned. Has it hindered you, have you been called indecisive? Please share some thoughts with me in the comment box below or on my Facebook page.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to share.

Happy Comicgraphing!

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