Why draw?

Most of the time slick and beautiful presentations are being offered to communicate important decisions to for example employees or stakeholders.

The danger with this is, that it communicates to all involved that all is already set in stone. No changes tolerated. Why not? Because so much time, money and effort were put into making the presentation smooth and perfect.

You may tell your employees or participants for change, that modifications are possible, but you have already set their mind. When they see the slick and cool presentation you are telling them, no!, changes not possible. We have spent a lot to make this presentation. Subconsciously they feel shut up by you.

UI designers already do this

With User Interface design for instance Balsamiq offers User Interface designers the possibility to make sketch like interfaces. This can also be done with pen and paper of course. Stakeholders can see that the screens aren’t final but just a sketch. Which means changes are possible.

The same result can be reached with your presentations. When you use drawings that are a tad rough you will engage participants more. They will want to contribute. Maybe they will contribute by drawing as well.

Focus on what’s important

With this approach people will focus on what’s important. With user Interface this is especially true. The stakeholders won’t focus on graphics, colors and unimportant stuff at the start phase.

With participants in a meeting you are sure they focus on great ideas instead of not so trivial stuff.

You can present items in drawing as metaphors. And drawings are faster to communicate with. When all is set you can always make a slick video or well written document.

OK, you know me, put plenty of drawings in the document.

How are you inspired to participate in meetings?
How do you inspire others to contribute and participate with ideas?

Happy comicgraphing

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